Painting the Light in Oils DVD with Haidee-Jo Summers

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“You’ve got to paint what you love and I think that’s what people respond to” 

Haidee-Jo is a professional artist who specializes in painting in oils. She paints as much as possible ‘en plein air’ capturing the effect of the light in her subjects with the use of tone and color. Her excitement upon finding a new subject is palpable and she shows us how to simplify complicated scenes onto a painted surface. In this film her subjects include the harbour at Whitstable, a fabulous houseboat in an old boatyard with it’s own little garden, a scene looking through a barn door into the bright sunlit garden beyond and a stunning interior with the light shining through into the room. 
APV Films 122 min Runtime NTSC for US, Canada and Japan

APV Films Runtime 122 min NTSC format for US, Canada and Japan.

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